About Us

Delta Sensory Gardens took 6 years to complete and were officially opened to public in 2007 as the first of their kind in Ireland. The gardens are part of Delta Centre which was established in 1990 as a centre for adults with disabilities.  The Sensory Gardens were created as a therapeutic outlet for those attending the service and it was also a means of creating much need funding to help with running of the centre. 

The sensory theatre building in the Gardens houses a reception, toilet facilities, a colourful indoor musical fountain and activities room. Attached to this building is our very popular Cafe Thyme which serves delicious cuisine throughout the day and linked to this is a small garden Centre.  The Gardens and Cafe are open 7 days closing only between Christmas and New Year. 

Delta Sensory Gardens holds some very popular and well established events throughout the year at Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas. The gardens also cater for wedding photos and other special events.